AppPolicy Information about the admin-configured policy for this app. 
MAMComplianceManager Interface for use by the app to integrate App CA with Policy Assurance support. 
MAMEnrollmentManager Interface for exposing the MAMService's enrollment functionality. 
MAMServiceAuthenticationCallback The app must implement this interface to allow the SDK to request an ADAL token for the given user and resource. 
MAMUserInfo Information about the managed user, if any. 


MAMCAComplianceStatus Enum of possible compliance statuses, returned via notification in an instance of MAMComplianceNotification after a call to MAMComplianceManager#remediateCompliance(). 
MAMEnrollmentManager.Result Result codes returned directly and through notifications. 
NotificationRestriction Level of restriction on notifications shown by the app for the user associated with this policy. 
OpenLocation Known locations that can be restricted in MAM apps for opening data from. 
SaveLocation Known cloud storage locations that can be restricted in MAM apps.