MAMDataProtectionInfo Protection information on some data. 
MAMFileProtectionInfo Protection information on a file. 
MAMProtectionInfo Protection information. 
MAMSetUIIdentityCallback MAMPolicyManager callback Interface. 


MAMAsyncTask<Params, Progress, Result> MAM wrapper around AsyncTask. 
MAMDataProtectionManager Data protection management facilities. 
MAMFileProtectionManager File protection management facilities. 
MAMIdentityExecutors Wrap executors to automatically copy a MAM identity to any started tasks. 
MAMIdentityRunnable A runnable which always executes under the given identity. 
MAMPolicyManager Allows multi-identity apps to specify the current identity, which will determine the active policy. 


MAMKeyNotAvailableException Exception thrown from MAMDataProtectionManager when data cannot be decrypted because the app is no longer managed.