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ADALConnectionDetails Allows configuring setting used for authentication policy at runtime, rather than in the AndroidManifest, via registerADALConnectionDetails(String, ADALConnectionDetails)
AllowedAccountInfo Provides information about an account which is permitted to sign in to the app. 
AllowedAccounts Allows an app to find out whether the accounts allowed to be signed in are restricted and if so which accounts are allowed. 
AllowedAccountsListener Listener for AllowedAccounts. 
AppIdentitySwitchReason Value passed to an activity's onMAMIdentitySwitchRequired callback to provide information on why the identity switch is occurring. 
AppIdentitySwitchResult Values which the application can use when reporting to MAM whether or not an identity switch was successful. 
AppIdentitySwitchResultCallback Callback used for the application to report to MAM the success or failure of an identity switch. 
AppPolicy Information about the admin-configured policy for this app. 


HookedActivity Allow access to an Activity's super class implementation. 
HookedApplication Allow access to an Application's super class implementation. 
HookedDialogFragmentBase Allow access to a DialogFragment's super class implementation. 
HookedFragmentBase Allow access to an Fragment's super class implementation. 
HookedJobIntentService MAM interface to link External and Internal. 
HookedService Allow access to an Service's super class implementation. 


IdentitySwitchOption Options that may be specified when an app requests a UI identity switch. 


MAMAccountAuthenticatorActivity Managed version of android.accounts.AccountAuthenticatorActivity. 
MAMActivity MAM version of 
MAMActivityBlockingListener Allows an app to respond to blocking actions. 
MAMActivityGroup Managed version of 
MAMActivityIdentityRequirementListener Allows an app to respond to requests to switch identity. 
MAMActivityIdentitySwitchListener Allows an app to respond to completed identity switches. 
MAMAlertDialogBuilder Class that builds managed AlertDialogs. 
MAMAliasActivity Managed version of 
MAMAppConfig Represents the custom app configuration data configured for a given user with MAM or with Android Enterprise. 
MAMAppConfig.BooleanQueryType Conflict resolution types for Boolean values. 
MAMAppConfig.NumberQueryType Conflict resolution types for integer and double values. 
MAMAppConfig.StringQueryType Conflict resolution types for Strings. 
MAMAppConfigBase Represents the custom app configuration data configured for a given user with MAM or with Android Enterprise. 
MAMAppConfigManager Allows retrieving the MAMAppConfig for a given user. 
MAMApplication Managed version of 
MAMAsyncTask<Params, Progress, Result> MAM wrapper around AsyncTask. 
MAMBackupAgent MAM version of BackupAgent. 
MAMBackupAgentHelper BackupAgentHelper that can be restricted. 
MAMBackupDataInput MAM representation of a BackupDataInput. 
MAMBinder MAM version of Binder. 
MAMBroadcastReceiver MAM version of BroadcastReceiver. 
MAMCAComplianceStatus Enum of possible compliance statuses, returned via notification in an instance of MAMComplianceNotification after a call to MAMComplianceManager#remediateCompliance(). 
MAMCertificatePinningManager The MAMCertificatePinningManager has methods to enable certificate pinning for apps, according to the Intune cert pinning configuration received from the MAM Service. 
MAMCertTrustWebViewClient MAMCertTrustWebViewClient is a custom implementation of the class android.webkit.WebViewClient that provides a way to handle the SSL error in a WebView. 
MAMClipboard MAM wrapper around ClipboardManager. 
MAMComplianceManager Interface for use by the app to integrate App CA with Policy Assurance support. 
MAMComplianceNotification MAMNotification with the result of attempting to remediate compliance for App Protection CA. 
MAMComponents Android MAM client core components. 
MAMConfigOnly Android MAM config-only client. 
MAMContentProvider MAM version of ContentProvider. 
MAMContentProviderClientManagement MAM wrapper around ContentProviderClient. 
MAMContentResolverManagement MAM wrapper around ContentResolver. 
MAMDataProtectionInfo Protection information on some data. 
MAMDataProtectionManager Data protection management facilities. 
MAMDefaultBackupAgent This class serves as a default backup agent for apps targeting API 23+ who want to have automatic, policy compliant, full back ups with or without an XML configuration file. 
MAMDialog MAM version of 
MAMDialogFragment MAM version of 
MAMDocumentsProvider MAM version of DocumentsProvider. 
MAMDownloadManagement MAM wrapper around DownloadManager. 
MAMEnrollmentManager Interface for exposing the MAMService's enrollment functionality. 
MAMEnrollmentManager.Result Result codes returned directly and through notifications. 
MAMEnrollmentNotification MAMNotification with result of an attempt to enroll the app/user with the MAM Service. 
MAMExpandableListActivity Managed version of 
MAMFileBackupHelper MAM version FileBackupHelper. 
MAMFileProtectionInfo Protection information on a file. 
MAMFileProtectionManager File protection management facilities. 
MAMFragment MAM version of 
MAMIdentityExecutors Wrap executors to automatically copy a MAM identity to any started tasks. 
MAMIdentityRequirementListener Allows an app to respond to requests to switch identity. 
MAMIdentityRunnable A runnable which always executes under the given identity. 
MAMIdentitySwitchResult The result of an identity switch. 
MAMIntentService MAM version of 
MAMKeyNotAvailableException Exception thrown from MAMDataProtectionManager when data cannot be decrypted because the app is no longer managed. 
MAMLauncherActivity Managed version of 
MAMListActivity Managed version of 
MAMListFragment MAM version of 
MAMLogHandlerWrapper Log handler interface that allows your app to register for MAM log messages. 
MAMNativeActivity Managed version of 
MAMNotification Base notification. 
MAMNotificationManagement MAM wrapper around NotificationManager. 
MAMNotificationReceiver Allows receiving notifications of MAM events. 
MAMNotificationReceiverRegistry Interface to register MAMNotificationReceivers. 
MAMNotificationType Types of notifications that can be delivered to receivers registered with MAMNotificationReceiverRegistry
MAMPendingIntent MAM wrapper around PendingIntentFactory. 
MAMPolicyManager Allows multi-identity apps to specify the current identity, which will determine the active policy. 
MAMPreferenceActivity Managed version of android.preference.PreferenceActivity. 
MAMProtectionInfo Protection information. 
MAMService MAM version of 
MAMServiceAuthenticationCallback The app must implement this interface to allow the SDK to request an ADAL token for the given user and resource. 
MAMSetUIIdentityCallback MAMPolicyManager callback Interface. 
MAMSharedPreferencesBackupHelper MAM version of SharedPreferencesBackupHelper. 
MAMStrictCheck Enumeration of MAM Strict Mode checks. 
MAMStrictMode MAM Strict Mode is intended to catch "smells" in usage of MAM APIs or MAM-restricted platform APIs. 
MAMStrictViolationHandler MAMStrictMode error handler. 
MAMTabActivity Managed version of 
MAMTaskStackBuilder MAM version of 
MAMThemeManager Allows a custom theme to be applied to all MAM screens and dialogs. 
MAMTrustedRootCertsManager A utility class that provides methods for receiving trusted root certificates from the MAM service and leveraging these certificates in your application to verify a server host on client SSL/TLS connections. 
MAMUIHelperBehavior Behavior for MAMUIHelper. 
MAMUserInfo Information about the managed user, if any. 
MAMUserNotification MAMNotification which has relevance to a specific user. 


NotificationRestriction Level of restriction on notifications shown by the app for the user associated with this policy. 


OpenLocation Known locations that can be restricted in MAM apps for opening data from. 


SaveLocation Known cloud storage locations that can be restricted in MAM apps. 
StrictGlobalSettings Global strict-mode settings. 
StrictScopedDisable Closeable object returned by StrictThreadSettings disabledScoped methods. 
StrictThreadSettings Per-thread MAM strict-mode settings.