public abstract class


extends AsyncTask<Params, Progress, Result>
   ↳ android.os.AsyncTask<Params, Progress, Result>
     ↳<Params, Progress, Result>

Class Overview

MAM wrapper around AsyncTask. Ensures that activity identity is preserved for the background operation. Specifically, the thread identity from the main thread and the UI identity from the Context provided to the constructor are transferred to the background thread at the time it begins executing. If no thread or UI identity is set, the process identity is retrieved normally as needed -- it is not locked at the time the task begins.


Inherited Fields
From class android.os.AsyncTask
Public Constructors
MAMAsyncTask(Context context)
Protected Methods
final Result doInBackground(Params... params)
abstract Result doInBackgroundMAM(Params... params)
MAM version of doInBackground.
final void onPreExecute()
void onPreExecuteMAM()
MAM version of onPreExecute.
Inherited Methods
From class android.os.AsyncTask
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public MAMAsyncTask (Context context)


context UI context (usually activity) this operation is associated with (and will take its identity from). In the unlikely event that there is no associated context, this may be null.

Protected Methods

protected final Result doInBackground (Params... params)

protected abstract Result doInBackgroundMAM (Params... params)

MAM version of doInBackground. See AsyncTask.doInBackground for method description.

params parameters
  • result

protected final void onPreExecute ()

protected void onPreExecuteMAM ()

MAM version of onPreExecute. See AsyncTask.onPreExecute for method description.